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Can you blend argan oil with other ingredients?

Yes, Argan Oil may be blended with other ingredients, however, there is a give and take. By blending other ingredients with Argan Oil you may be lessening the absorption rate and altering the moisturizing and healing effects of Argan Oil.

The only oil we know of which can successfully be blended with Argan without losing the healing properties associated with our natural organic Argan Oil is Certified Premium Grade A Shea Butter. The Karite tree (Shea tree), sometimes called the cousin to the Argan tree , produces a seed from which Shea Butter is extracted and has been used for centuries by the people of many African nations.

Both oils have similar medicinal properties, however, the non-saturated fatty acid content of Argan oil is higher than Shea Butter and that factor makes Argan oil a liquid at "room temperature".

We have combined our natural Organic Argan oil with our Premium Grade A Shea Butter to make a fantastic hair moisturizer and conditioner as well as an incredible Anti-Aging Cream.

By combining the two oils we have created a creamier Shea Butter product with a lower melting point when applied on the skin. The result is simply incredible.

Both our Premium Grade A Shea Butter and natural organic Argan oil are non-comedogenic (will not clog the pores). The aroma is slightly nutty and dissipates in a few minutes.

We have added a hint of organic lavender essential oil to our Anti-Aging Cream for those customers that do not care for the natural scent of our Natural Anti-Aging Cream. Both are fantastic.

Because of Argan Oil's very high content of unsaturated fatty acids it is an excellent ingredient in other cosmetic formulations. Because of the high price of Argan Oil and its limited supply it would be a valuable ingredient in any moisturizer or soap.

If you have an allergic reaction to nuts you may need to check with your dermatologist or physician before applying.

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