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What is the American Sheabutter Institute?

The American Shea Butter Institute is located in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
The Institute was organized in 2001 to meet the growing need for product education and to set quality standards for the industry. ASBI is the only known institution committed to establishing standards that insure the quality of Shea Butter entering the USA.

The American Shea Butter Institute provides consumer and industry education on Shea Butter: establishes voluntary standards on quality of Shea Butter entering the USA: engages in basic and applied research to identify Shea Butter ingredients or derivatives of its ingredients as new solutions for important problems in nutrition, health care and material science: promotes the benefits of Shea Butter in various US industries.

Shea Butter that conforms to a strict set of standards is awarded the ASBI Seal of Certification. ASBI certification means a given Shea Butter has successfully passed a number of laboratory tests on quality and is therefore distinguished by its classification for all to know of its inherent quality.

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