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Why is Argan Oil so expensive?

Argan Oil is very expensive because of its limited supply and increasing worldwide demand. Since it can be used in both the culinary and cosmetic industries and more knowledge of its tremendous benefits is available the price has escalated in the past few years. With the advent of the internet and globalization, Morocco's secret is spreading.

The Argan tree grows only in the southwest region of Morocco, Africa. This unique tree grows uncultivated. The Argan Forest is hidden in a remote region of Morocco hidden between the Atlas Mountains, the Western Sahara and the Atlantic Ocean. The Argan Forest supports more than 3 million Berbers, the original inhabitants of Morocco with wood for heating; feed for livestock; oil for cooking, medicinal and personal care (skin and hair).

Many attempts by Europeans trying to cultivate the Argan tree have failed. They found the trees would not produce the fruit from which the seed is extracted to produce the oil. It takes anywhere from 30 to 50 years for the tree to bear fruit and even then one (1) tree will yield only one (1) liter of oil. During severe drought years the trees will bear no fruit and go dormant. This period may last several years. When the tree senses moisture the leaves of the tree will reappear and the dormant period will end.

Since the trees cannot be commercially grown and controlled by multi-national corporations the marketing of Argan Oil has been practically non-existent. The resulting industry has remained a cottage industry with little mainstream recognition.

Argan Oil is one of Africa's best kept secrets and treasures.

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